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Can your lovable furry bunnies live without one!! Dave's A-mazes premium Rabbit mazes for small animals 



Rabbit Maze

Dave's A-mazes home page. Premium cardboard mazes for small animals such as Rabbit, Guinea Pigs

Welcome to the home page of Dave's A-mazes. We provide mazes for your house rabbits. Your bunny can use this as a toy, for exercise, exploring and most of all for fun!!

What you should be asking yourself is; how can my bunny live without one? Tested by bunnies for bunnies. Can also be used for multiple bunnies, as shown in the photos.

If you have any queries don't hesitate to email us!

Bunny Maze 16

This is the Dave's A-mazes, Bunny Maze 16. 

How can your lovable furry friend live without one?

This allows for up to 16 compartments and includes the roof as standard.

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