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Can your lovable furry bunnies live without one!! Dave's A-mazes premium Rabbit mazes for small animals 


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How Dave's A-mazes came to be...

Having had a house full of house rabbits, presently Georgie, Ruddie and Norbert, for almost three years, we have thought long and hard about toys and games to keep our bunnies occupied and out of trouble. While we have tried pretty much all of the bunny toys out there and even some we have made ourselves, what we have found our bunnies, without fail, have loved the most is the maze. 

The second bunny we adopted was called Dave, who sadly passed away due to poor health, is definitely the inspiration for the maze we have created. He was adventurous, inquisitive and most definitely amazing, and would have been approving of the maze we have created. 

We have tried to make this maze a versatile as possible, allowing for the maze to be adapted to individual bunny needs. In addition to making it suitable for small, large and even multiple bunnies. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at